Uniform Agreement


In consideration of the Elizabethton School System of Elizabethton, Tennessee loaning my/our child, , a band uniform for his/her use while enrolled in the City School System, I/we hereby agree:

1. To be responsible for the said property and return it to the City School System of Elizabethton, Tennessee upon the band director’s request in as good a condition as it was received, normal wear and tear expected;

2. To be responsible for the dry cleaning of said property prior to its return to the City School System of Elizabethton, Tennessee; and

3. To be responsible for the replacement cost of $250.00 dollars, which is hereby agreed upon as the reasonable replacement value of the property, in the event said property is lost, damaged, or destroyed.

The property is described below:

Band Jacket No.:  

Bib No.:  

The above property may not be transferred without the band director’s consent.
This form must be completed before band uniforms are issued.

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