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Parents and members of the T. A. DUGGER Band Program should complete this form as soon as possible.

We acknowledge that we have received our copy of the T. A. Dugger Junior High School Band Handbook. We have read and understand the requirements for participation in the Band program and agree to abide by all of the rules, regulations, guidelines, standards of conduct, and rehearsal obligations stated in the Handbook.

I understand and agree to follow all guidelines as presented in the Band Handbook. I also agree to follow any additional guidelines that may be presented by the director or the chaperones while participating in a band function. I understand that any infraction may result in my dismissal from the band program.

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I hereby give permission for my child, to participate fully in the T. A. Dugger Band. They will follow the guidelines as presented in the Band Handbook or they may be removed from the band program.

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